what would you wear to an 18th bday meal in london and then clubbing?
- Anonymous

Either a fitted skirt with crop top and chunky heels or if you want to be more casual, ripped jeans, crop and blazer with opened toe heels x

the difference between tattoed people and not tattoed people is….
ugh her hair/face/lips/everything
hey gal love your blog may you please check out mine? xxx
- kusaix

Thanks lovely, of course x



pearl silver pant at topshop

fucking magic
Enjoy your holiday lovely!
- awkwarddly

Thank you so much beautiful x


Like this if I can queue posts from you!!



I’m going on holiday soon and so will have most of my posts on queue. Sorry if I don’t get back to your message as quickly as I usually would- I’ll try my best! Xxx


snow princess